Leaky Eyes Lands in America


When I was little I was nick named leaky eyes.  I cry when I’m tired, when I’m scared, when I’m angry, and obviously when I am sad.  Apparently I also cry when I arrive in a beautiful hotel room in Philadelphia which had one of the most amazing bathrooms I have ever seen (I didn’t know bath envy was even a thing before this place).  I felt a bit silly as I knew I was in a position so many people would kill for but I put it down to tiredness and also being a little overwhelmed after our initial wander through Old City. I also partly blame the journey from the airport to the hotel; American roads + Philadelphia drivers = Holy moly.

I had never been to America before moving here so everything was new and I got instantly annoyed by it.  Again I was tired – please don’t judge me.  I didn’t understand the rules of the road – for cars or pedestrians (this may still be an issue…), I didn’t get the grid plan of the streets (this is super easy to understand by the way – again, I was tired) and the tipping system? Nah.  After our first stroll through the city we went back to the hotel, I ordered a chicken dish served with ‘cream grit’ (don’t order the grit), I cried, I told Ian I wanted to go home and then fell asleep at 7pm.  This was in fact not my best ‘Bring it on America’ moment.

Looking for a top notch hotel in Philly?

Hotel Monaco

It took me all of about four minutes to choose this hotel.  It is rated number one of hotels in Philadelphia by the holy grail of travel that is TripAdvisor and the photos of the décor looked amazing.  The luxurious and modern day look begins in the lobby and feels like it has been pulled straight from a magazine with bright clashing colours and expensive furniture.  This continues up into the guest rooms and through to the lavish rooftop lounge where you can sip cocktails overlooking the city lights whilst feeling like a member of the Kardashians.

Ian Kardashian enjoying a Yards Ale on the Rooftop Lounge
Ian Kardashian enjoying a Yards Ale on the rooftop Lounge

The hotel was very clean and the staff were really helpful and friendly.  The bed in the room was HUGE and so comfortable however the bathroom was definitely the winner for me.  It had the biggest and deepest bath I have ever seen along with lovely smelling complimentary toiletries and bath salts, however if baths aren’t your thing the shower was also pretty awesome. There was a mini bar in the room, along with an Ice bucket, complimentary bath robes – one a sassy leopard print and the other Rocky style.  The hotel also hosted evening wine hour which basically consisted of being handed free wine every time your glass was empty, no complaints here.  The location was perfect situated in Old City right by Independence Hall and within walking distance of the majority of main attractions.

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Hotel Monaco 3



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