Moving into our Home in Philadelphia

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I would like to dedicate this post to Ikea.  Thank you for being there for us when we needed you.

After living in a hotel for MONTHS (one month #dramaqueen) I was so happy to finally be moving into our new apartment, I think Ian would probably agree this day was by far the happiest I had been since we had arrived in America (minus the night we ate tapas and I got extremely drunk on cocktails).  I have no problem with admitting I was extremely ungrateful and pretty miserable to be around for the majority of the first month.

I was super excited to be living in our own space again, not only because there would no longer be any risk of the cleaner letting themselves in whilst I was sat on the toilet, and never again will I be required to scrape another person’s dried spaghetti bolognese from the pan before making dinner. I was also really looking forward to being reunited with all my belongings and home comforts; my shoes, jewellery, nail polish, DVDs (I’m not usually this shallow I promise). I mean I probably wouldn’t have given up my right arm to have all my clothes back but I may have been tempted to exchange Ian….I also missed cleaning, you’re judging me, I can tell.

As we had moved from a furnished apartment (or should I say flat – I’ve just realised I have been saying apartment throughout this whole blog, sorry England), we didn’t actually have any furniture at this point apart from a TV stand and a LazyBoy chair. We have found furnished apartments aren’t as popular in America as they are in the UK and those that are available are much more expensive.

Whilst staying in Delaware we spent a lot of our time trailing through every shop imaginable, as well as furniture we also needed all new electrical goods as the plugs and voltage requirements are different.  We also took this opportunity to replace our old bedding, towels, cooking utensils etc.  In addition to homeware we did spend a little time treating ourselves to some new clothing and gadgets, Delaware is a tax free state so really we were just saving ourselves some money in the long run… (Philadelphia also does not charge tax on clothes. People keep asking me what on earth I do with my time whilst I’m not working. They’re so naive.)  In the end we spent so much of our time shopping that we were both just so sick of it.  I know, life’s hard guys.

Thankfully America also has Ikea, the god of flat pack furniture and every home essential you could possibly need.  Looking back Ikea saved us so much time, effort and money.  For some reason every house move requires a trip to Ikea – before the move you seem to have everything you needed for day to day life, afterwards there’s an Ikea shaped hole that must be filled with cute storage baskets and 18 cushions (per room).  I love Ikea, I think most women do, it’s almost like a day out. Each time without fail I get over excited by how affordable everything is yet how nice the showrooms look that I buy everything that I don’t actually need.  And each time, behind me, trails a sad looking man called Ian planning his escape route and crying each time I say “what do you think about this?” Luckily our relationship survived the trip, sadly I don’t think this is the case for all.

Amongst all the excitement and relief of finally moving into Philly there was also an aspect of nervousness reappearing as we headed back out into the unknown.  We had settled into a life, albeit a slightly unhappy life, in Delaware and we were now uprooting ourselves again but this time it was more long term.  Although this was everything that I was looking forward to, the unanswered questions were still there….Will I like the city? Will I fit in? Will we be happy with the apartment, the location? Is it safe? Will we be happy? There is so much riding on the answers to these questions that it’s better not to dwell on them, instead just look forward and dive straight in!


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