Our American Road Trip: Part 2 – Niagara Falls


Lets just get straight to the point, Niagara Falls is downright AMAZING.  If you’ve been you will know what I mean, and if you haven’t you need to go.  I would describe Niagara Falls as the most breathtaking and impressive piece of nature I have ever seen, it is somewhere I would recommend everyone to go visit if you have the chance.

We drove three hours from Ithaca to Niagara, crossing the international border between the United States and Canada (which was oddly nerve racking by the way), an involuntary wow escaped me and my jaw dropped to the floor as we saw the waterfalls for the first time.  Now, you have to understand, if you get a wow from me it’s a big deal, I’m very much the girl that is hard to impress (apparently), and by impress I mean like really impress, I often stick to the standard adjectives of ‘nice’ or ‘good’ when describing anything, or you might hear a ‘really good’ if I’m feelin’ it.  I’m really not as miserable as this paragraph makes me sound, I just like to keep my ‘wows’ and ‘amazings’ for when I mean it and this was definitely one of those times.

We stayed at The Marriott Fallsview hotel right opposite the falls and had the most amazing view from our room.  The hotel itself was really nice, the bed was super comfy and another jacuzzi in the bathroom didn’t hurt (I keep bangin’ on about these baths dont I?).  After checking into the hotel we walked straight to see the falls, squeezing ourselves in-between the other tourists and the sea of selfie sticks, up-close the falls are even more incredible, the speed and force from the huge amount of water is crazy.  I read that the amount of water crossing over the top of the waterfall every minute is equal to a million bathtubs, mind blowing huh?




On the second day we did the Niagara Hornblower Cruise, this boat ride takes you as close to the falls as possible meaning you will get soaked (evidence below) but you get a spectacular view and it’s really fun.  My advice – do not do your hair beforehand or wear a white t-shirt.


That afternoon we visited a really beautiful town called Niagara-on-the-lake and we passed the most amazing houses on the drive there, seriously, I had never seen anything like these before, some had four garages, FOUR!  Niagara-on-the-lake is a really cute, quaint village with lots of boutiques to browse and traditional cafes to enjoy, there was even a shop that sold English chocolate AND Bisto, I literally just stood in silence and pointed until Ian noticed.  I miss England.  There was also a store called Cows that sold the best ice cream, I had the wowie cowie flavour and wowie is the perfect way to describe it, so much caramel goodness.


On our last night in Niagara we had a little dabble in the casino nearby and to our surprise won $100 on Roulette, we cashed it in straight away and decided to spend our winnings in a swanky restaurant Ian had been eyeing up on Yelp since we arrived.  We got a little lost when looking for the restaurant and were still wandering the streets half an hour later, by this point I was starving and would have been happy with a sausage and bean pasty, I was kicking OFF.  Just kidding, I’m not sure I have ever kicked ‘off’.  Eventually we found the restaurant down a little side street and it was very fancy indeed,  feeling a little under dressed we were welcomed by a very friendly waitress, we were seated on a small table for two, decorated with a pristine white cotton table cloth, oversized wine glasses, large leather bound menus and a flickering candle between us…and it was all ruined by the loudest, most obnoxious voice bellowing from the table next to us.  I don’t know who he was but I know he was really enjoying his shrimp however he would never have thought to pair it with the cheese, he was also extremely interested in his girlfriend’s/wife’s/poor poor woman’s halloumi.  “How was your halloumi? Tell me about your halloumi? Is it salty? Is it good? What’s it like? Is it like we do it at home?”  I’m not sure she ever got to answer.  Within five minutes we had gone from being annoyed, to being angry and then hysterically laughing, in the end Ian asked if we could move to a different table, explaining to the waitress that we couldn’t take any more of the man next to us “narrating his every thought”.  Ian’s words, not mine.  The food was top notch though, and if you’re wondering, I had the halloumi…it tasted like halloumi.

Walking back to the hotel we discovered a different part of the town, it was very different to the places we had previously seen, the street was lined with restaurants, haunted houses, arcades and gift shops, each building was lit up with flashing lights, there was even a volcano erupting with real fire, which ALL men were amazed by, even thirty year old scientists, yes I’m talking about Ian.

The next day we set off on the seven hour drive home, which as you can imagine was the best part of the whole trip.  I’m being sarcastic.

To conclude, Niagara Falls is amaze balls and you should go.



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