Philly Favourites

I love going out to eat.  My favourite way to spend a night is probably getting all dressed up and going to a fancy restaurant, the kind of place where you can’t actually pronounce what it is that you are eating or drinking. Where the plate is beautifully presented in front of you like a piece of artwork, the portion sizes are small and dainty, even though they’re made up of a million ingredients, but they still fill you up because the flavours are so rich.  And you get free bread, I’m all about the free bread.

Another favourite of mine is popping to a local pub, sitting at the bar and tucking into a simple burger with a huge side of fries, because lets face it, it’s not a proper meal if fries/some form of potato aren’t involved somewhere.

Of course, I am only 25, I still like going out dancing, those nights where you’ve had one too many Mojito’s and you and your friends start thinking you’re J-Lo’s backing dancers, those are the best.

We haven’t really had many nights like that here, but we have eaten A LOT, so here are a few more restaurant recommendations from me to you.  You’re welcome.

Famous 4th Street Delicatessen


You’ve probably seen this photo several times on my blog, but I think we can all agree this is OK. The Famous 4th Street Deli was one of the first places we ate when we finally moved to Philly, and it was definitely a good place to start.

The walls of this Deli are covered with signed photographs of all the famous faces that have visited over the years, confirming that this place definitely lives up to it’s name.  The portions here are the biggest I have seen so far, and most importantly the food tastes good.

As you can see the sandwiches are huge, but the desserts are quite something. If you have a sweet tooth, you will not be disappointed.  Thankfully, like everywhere in America, you can take home what you don’t eat so nothing will be wasted.

Little Fish


In the past we have never really been ones to order seafood or really go to seafood restaurants, but recently we have discovered we actually quite like it.  We visited Little Fish for the first time a few months ago, and it is definitely one of my favourite restaurants we have been to in Philly so far.

Little Fish is a tiny seafood restaurant, with only twenty two seats, situated in the quiet neighbourhood of Bella Vista. The dining experience here is very intimate, although I would describe this as a more up scale restaurant, the atmosphere here is still very comfortable, relaxed and laid back.  The menu, which changes regularly, is displayed on a blackboard as well as being handed to you, handwritten, on a small piece of paper, adding to the personal feel. Another bonus is that they are one of the many bring your own bottle (BYOB) restaurants around Philly, so that will save you some pennies.

Most people here seemed to start their meal with Oysters, before tucking into their starters, so Ian thought he would join in, and he seemed to quite like them.  We then enjoyed octopus and lobster for our starters, followed by Cobia and Tuna for our main meals.  All the dishes were unbelievably good, and I would recommend them all.

They also do a $38 taster menu on Sundays which is supposed to be a really good deal, so that is what we are going to try next. It would be rude not to.

Cheesecake Factory

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I know everyone has heard about the Cheesecake Factory, but I had to include it, because OH MY.  The cheesecake here cannot be beaten.

So far I have tried the Oreo (above) and the red velvet cheesecake.  I am now due to go back for my third slice, so if you have any recommendations leave a comment below and I will get on it.

That’s all I’ve got to say.  Just, yes.

Whetstone Tavern

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

We finally went to Whetstone Tavern last weekend, I would recommend this place to somebody looking for a nice restaurant to visit with your friends and family. Inside they have managed to keep the the relaxed feel of a bar, whilst providing a more refined dining experience without being too fancy or expensive.

The photo above is of my main course, the Vegetarian Canneloni, which did make me realise a new love for a roasted brussel sprout, however the main reason I am including Whetstone Tavern in my Philly favourites is the Deviled Ham. The Deviled Ham is described on the menu as ‘spreadable country ham pate, scallions, dijon mustard, chips, garlic toast’, and it was SO GOOD.

I could have had it in a sandwich, a ham pate sandwich.

Also, I love a charcuterie board, and I had major food envy for the one at the table next to us as I waited for my food. I think this is what I will be trying next time (with a side of Deviled Ham?).  And probably some kind of dessert.


Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Now that it is getting a bit colder we are starting to miss homely British dishes, so when we found out there was a traditional pie and mash shop recently opened in Philly, we were a little bit excited.

We popped in a few weeks ago and tried the traditional beef and onion pie with mashed potatoes.  It was a little bit different to how I would make it at home as it is served with a parsley liquor rather than a beef gravy, however I have since found out this is how it is traditionally served in the East End.  I have never had this before and I really liked it.

The pastry of the pies were really good, and so was the mash.  So basically, the whole thing got a thumbs up.  Overall, Stargazy is a small, friendly place to grab a takeaway, or sit inside, watch the Football and enjoy good pie, and it is very reasonably priced.

I really wanted to try their sticky toffee pudding (my favourite dessert) however I was too full, but I will be back for that soon. They also serve jellied and stewed eel pie, a traditional London dish, as well as breads, sausage rolls and banoffee pie (another favourite).

You can see more of their creations on Instagram.


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