Our First Thanksgiving


Two weeks ago our friends, Jillian and Bruce, kindly invited us to spend our first ever Thanksgiving with them, and it was Awesome.  With a capital A.

To be honest there really was no reason why we wouldn’t love it, an extra Christmas dinner one month early? Sure.

It wasn’t just about the delicious food though, we really enjoyed the whole day. It was a nice, laid back, relaxed day spent eating, drinking, and making fun of each other. All of our favourite things.

On Thanksgiving Day we arrived at their home around 11am, and started the day sitting in the kitchen, befriending their two dogs, Theo and Ralphie, and admiring the deep frying Turkey device.  Mind. Blowing.

FullSizeRender (8)

As Jillian and Bruce were going to all this effort to show us a traditional American Thanksgiving feast, it was only fair that we return the favour and introduce them to a couple of British delicacies: pigs in blankets and home made sticky toffee pudding.  Now, Ian’s Mam makes the BEST sticky toffee pudding, it is three thousand calories of sweet, sweet heaven.  So, at the risk of embarrassing myself with my novice house wife skills we borrowed the recipe, and I tried my best to emulate Mrs H’s famous signature dish.

We sat down for dinner around 2pm and all of the food was so good, and I think it might have been the best Turkey I’ve ever had. The whole meal was very similar to the Christmas dinner’s we make back home in England, with the turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy.  The main difference was the green bean casserole which I believe is a Thanksgiving tradition, and is green beans, cooked in a mushroom soup, topped with French fried onions.

Afterwards we went outside and played a boys versus girls game of Bocce Ball (similar to bowls), which despite our best efforts, sound effects and high fives, the boys ultimately won.  We then consoled/celebrated with dessert, which was pretty darn delicious, if I don’t say so myself.

For the last few hours we sprawled out on the sofa, became besties with Ralphie, and Jillian subtly tried to persuade us never to leave America whilst we watched the football. Or soccer. I’m still not sure.

We then headed home around 6pm, sat and ate a plate of left over turkey at 9pm, and fell asleep by 11pm.  Job done.




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