Philly Favourites

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It is a well known stereotype that British people are obsessed with the weather, and we like to moan, so why change this after twenty five years of perfecting such a skill?

Short days, cold nights, grey skies, you’ve had your fun, now go away. Please, thank you.

To be honest it’s not even that cold here yet. There is still an autumnal crispness in the air, the days are mostly sunny with clear skies and when I compare it to the usual UK winter, I don’t really have much to complain about. But the short days and dark evenings still exist and it is affecting my mood.

The night before our trip to New York last week, I went from laughing to crying within 5 seconds, and then 30 seconds later life was good again.  So, I’m blaming winter, because who cries before going to New York?

Me. That’s who.

It is nearly Christmas though. Yay. Last weekend we bought our first full sized, grown up, Christmas tree. This chap stands at six feet high and looks rather pretty, lighting up our living room, adding a serene and homely glow to our little place in the States. Apart from I jump each time I see the dark outline of the tree hovering in the corner, thinking there is a person stood next to the sofa. Every single day.

If like me, you are looking for some new things to do in the Philly area to get you through the winter season, here are some Christmas themed suggestions for you.  If you’re not anywhere near Philly, and you’ve already read half of this post, you may as well carry on…

P.S. New York was AMAZING, new post all about our trip coming soon…

Franklin Square Holiday Festival and Light Show

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We went a little rogue a few weeks ago and went to see these Christmas lights in NOVEMBER. I might have even enjoyed a mulled alcoholic beverage as we watched the show, but that’s neither here nor there.  The main attraction here is the holiday light show, which comes on every thirty minutes, and will no doubt get you into the holiday spirit. You might even sing and dance a long, like Ian, you can see his excited face on the short video I posted on Facebook not long ago. As well as the brilliant lights there is a beer garden, food trucks, mini golf and a holiday market to enjoy. The holiday festival is open from four till eight each night, with the first light show at 4.30pm, so you have no excuses to miss this holiday treat.

Waterfront Winterfest

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We came across this little gem one lazy Sunday a few weeks ago. The main attraction here is the ice skating rink, but if like us you’re looking for something less energetic, The Lodge and winter garden might be just what you’re looking for. The winter garden features cosy wooden cabins, lined with comfortable seating set around lit firepits, where you can cook smores with the family, or try the sweet treats from the different vendors. For those looking for some respite from the cold, The Lodge is an onsite restaurant with comfy sofas, blankets, and indoor fireplaces. Here you can hang out with your friends and family and enjoy a hot/cold/alcoholic beverage, or two. Check out for more photos of everything Waterfront Winterfest has to offer.

The Book of Mormon


Last week I dug out the sequins for the first time this holiday, Ian rocked his new cord blazer, and we headed to the Forest Theatre.  We booked tickets to The Book of Mormon during the summer, and have heard and read only good things about this show. It definitely lived up to the hype. The show is hilarious, laugh out loud funny and I even learned a few things.  The Book of Mormon is running at The Forest Theatre until December 27th 2015 and last time I looked there were still a few tickets left, so if you have some spare cash after all the present buying, I would highly recommend this show for a fun and different night of entertainment.



There are Anthropologie stores open in the UK however I have only become familiar with the brand since moving to America.  Anthropologie mainly sells women’s clothes as well as accessories, pretty stationary and home goods, oh and everything is GORGEOUS. I am also a little bit in love with their window decorations and in store home set ups, just like the one above. I have chosen Anthorpologie as part of my winter, Christmas Philly Favourites as this is a perfect place to get a present for every female in your life. They also have some really gorgeous Christmas tree decorations, and the staff are really kind and friendly when you occidentally knock one on the floor and smash it. Ahum.


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