Snow Day


A few weeks ago news of the impending snow storm, Storm Jonas, that was due to hit the US, was all everybody was talking about.  Forget well wishing strangers a Happy New Year, it was time to fight over the last carton of milk, push in-front at the grocery store, and panic buy wellies like your life depended on it.

Note: I did not witness any of the above.

The week before the storm I undoubtedly panicked and spent all Ian’s money on ‘supplies’. This included a snow shovel, salt, windscreen de-icer, wellies, and an extra warm and fluffy blanket/’comforter’ for the bed. I also created an ’emergency pack’ for the car, as well as loading up the fridge with the essentials to make stew and dumplings, obviously.

Friday night, we curled up on our designated sides of the sofa, ate overcooked chicken fajitas, whilst keeping one eye on our Netflix viewing of choice, and the other on the weather outside. The snow began to fall as predicted, laying thick and fast, with no signs of stopping.


We spent most of the weekend on the sofa, watching The Office US, and playing a very difficult game of a 1980’s version of Trivial Pursuit, that I found in a charity shop. We also finally added pins to Ian’s Travel Map I gave him for Christmas, to show where he has travelled, where we have travelled together, and where we would like to go. St. Lucia, Maldives and Hawaii being my top choices…two feet of snow can do that to a girl.


Saturday night we waded our way to the pub, with what seemed to be the rest of Philadelphia. We managed to claw our way to two free seats at the bar, where we watched the staff trying their best to keep up with the crowds of customers, and apologised for every drink we ordered, in true British fashion.

The snow didn’t stop until the early hours of Sunday morning.  Upwards of twenty inches of snow were reported to have landed in Philadelphia that weekend, making it the fourth biggest snowfall recorded here.

It was fun, it was exciting, and I didn’t fall over.  Now summer, where you at?!




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