Dominican Republic


We went on holiday.  I discovered my new bikini bottoms were see through. End of story.

Lets rewind back to December. It’s Christmas morning, I am sat in my brothers living room, surrounded by the delicious smell of meat slowly roasting in the oven. The whole family are together swapping presents, the men telling fart jokes, and playing with their new toys, when Ian passes me a large envelope.  Inside was a card with the two magic words, ‘Dominican Republic’.

Something tells me he went over our fifty dollar limit, but girl ain’t gonna complain.

I will admit I can be hard to please when it comes to holidays. I am a sucker for a fancy hotel, and I’m really not a fan of huge resorts.

I like small, comfortable, friendly hotels, and Ian made the perfect choice. We stayed at The Westin Puntacana Resort and Club, and it was delightful. Perfect. Paradise…

The entire hotel grounds were kept extremely clean, the staff were friendly, the pool was the perfect temperature, and it was never overly busy. Around the pool the atmosphere felt relaxed and chilled, but there was always activity elsewhere to keep you occupied.

Situated within a gated community, the hotel was surrounded by a select number of restaurants, bars, shops, a golf course, a spa, and numerous other businesses. As well as the swimming pool and hot tub on your doorstep, the hotel lead straight out onto the beach, with the option to walk around the local grounds and explore whilst feeling safe.

I wouldn’t describe the hotel itself as super fancy, but it has everything you could possibly need in a hotel. It is also surrounded by palm trees, a bright blue sea, and constant sun, so that helps. TAKE ME BACK.

We were staying in the Dominican for only four days, so were eager to spend as much time relaxing in the sun and admiring the turquoise waters, before returning to the below zero temperatures of palm tree-less Philly.




On the second day we broke up our time by the pool and hired a couple of bikes, peddling to the nearby Ecological Reserve. We rode along the quiet roads, stopping occasionally to take in the sights along the coast, before reaching the subtropical forest. We walked in the shade among the trees up to the beautiful fresh water lagoons, where you can take a swim in the crystal clear water among the turtles, and fish.

OR, if you’re like me, you can watch from afar because you don’t like it when your feet can’t touch the floor. And you would no doubt squeal like a donkey every time a fish came within 5 feet of you. #Diva.





On two of the nights we left the hotel to try the local restaurants, taking the free shuttle bus around the grounds. Our first stop was The Grill Restaurant, where we sat outside just off the beach, enjoying the cool breeze, and listening to the gentle waves. The food tasted as good as it looked, and the atmosphere made it even more special. To finish the night off the chef thanked each table personally at the end of the meal.


My favourite restaurant of the whole trip however, was La Yola.  The food here, from start to finish was delicious, the service was great, and the view of the marina was nothing to complain about. During the meal, just as dessert was served, we were serenaded by the restaurant’s three man band as they played their instruments and sang. It was fun/awkward – and it made the night.


The next morning we woke up early to lay on the beach and watch the sunrise, before spending the rest of the holiday relaxing by the pool, and frolicking on the beach threatening to never leave.

Unfortunately we HAD to, and before we knew it we were back on the plane to snowy Philadelphia.





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