Six Months Later


I have been meaning to get up to date with my blog posts this year for a long time, but life got a little busy over the last six months. I got a little lazy. Summer got unbelievably hot. Trump became president. You know how it is.

Since it has been SO long since I last did a blog post, I thought I would just write a quick little update on our life over the last six months. On the trips we have taken, the different places we visited through the summer, and the new restaurants we have been to.

Oh, AND our wedding day, of course!

The first, and biggest, life update is that I am now a wife. Specifically, Ian’s wife. At 26, I don’t know exactly what I want to do with my life, but I am married. So that seems to be a pretty good start.

We are officially Husband and wife, Mr and Mrs, The Hobdays. Someday soon we will own a house with a garden, we will do crosswords together in front of the fire, and maybe I’ll learn how to make a pie. The possibilities are endless.

But for now he’ll just have to settle for over salted Spaghetti Bolognese, and luke warm beers, until I learn the ropes.

Everyone always asks if it feels any different getting married. I do feel happy, and content, however generally, I think it feels quite the same.

I do sometimes have a little smile when I spot my wedding ring, and come across all coy when I use the word Husband. I also look at our wedding photographs 52 times a day, and re-send my favourites to Ian, accompanied with excited emoji’s, just in case he had forgotten that he is stuck with me for life.

We really had the most amazing day. I felt so happy to be marrying Ian, and also to be surrounded by all our friends and family, some who we hadn’t seen for so long. We really can’t believe it’s already over, and that we have already been back in Philly for over two weeks.


Before the wedding, we were in the midst of one of the hottest summers we have ever experienced. This year, Philly had its hottest August on record, with temperatures hitting over 30 degrees C most days, along with uncomfortably high humidity. And although I am a stereotypical Brit that is always in search of sun, it was all a bit too much.

Last summer we spent most of our time outdoors, exploring Philly, sitting in beer gardens, and eating dinner outside. But this year it was just too uncomfortable to do much of that. So we mainly spent our time sat in air conditioned rooms, craving fish and chips, and telling each other how hot it was every 5 seconds.

We did however fit in a some more travel, starting with a trip to Las Vegas. Followed by a road trip through Utah and Arizona, which may be my favourite holiday yet. We were faced with some challenging hikes, and I was completely out of my comfort zone, but the scenery was just unbelievable. We also visited Washington D.C. with a couple of friends. And just before we flew home, my brother and his girlfriend came to stay with us for 4 days, as part of their city hopping holiday.




Right now, we are looking forward to spending time with friends in America, over a long awaited, deep fried, Thanksgiving turkey. The week after we will be heading to New York City, to stare at the twinkling lights, and wander around the Christmas markets, hugging a hot chocolate. Before spending our first Christmas in Philly, and planning the big finale that is the honeymoon.

After Christmas we will mostly be eating as much food as possible, and making the most of our time here, before we move back to the UK sometime next year.

Insert excited emoji face here.

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