Happy New Year!

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I have been to the gym four days in a row, I have vowed to start eating healthy whilst sneaking the last of the Christmas chocolates, and I am beginning to work through my carefully crafted to-do list, written in my fancy new bullet journal.

In other words, it’s the New Year.

This year we spent Christmas and New Years in America, just the two of us.

The idea of spending ‘The Holidays’ in America, where celebrations are often much bigger and better, was quite exciting. And with the impending move, we knew we may never have the opportunity to do this again, so it seemed like the obvious choice.

Plus, we have just paid for a wedding. So it was basically the dress, or a flight home. The dress won.


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Living away from home, we have both gotten used to not seeing our family and friends for long lengths of time. However not being there for big occasions, or events, can really highlight how much we miss everyone.

So because of this, we made sure to make plans to get the most out of the Christmas week. And for us this basically meant lots of food, paired with lots of wine.

To celebrate Ian finishing work for the week, and to kick off the festive period, we reserved a table at one of Philadelphia’s top fine dining Restaurants. Ian has had his eye on Laurel since we arrived eighteen months ago. So we thought our first Christmas as Husband and Wife, was the perfect excuse to polish off the sequins, and get a bit fancy.

After changing my outfit approximately fifty-seven times whilst getting ready, complaining about every item of clothing I own, and somehow finding myself holding back ridiculous tears. Yep. I finally pulled myself, and my life, back together before settling on an outfit I was happy with. We then headed out to a bar for some Christmas cocktails, where I ordered a pre-meal snack of chips and dip, and they tasted EXACTLY like pork crackling.

And just like that I was happy again.

Finally, we arrived at Laurel, where we had some weird and wonderful food, talked about moving back home, and our plans for the future. Which all sounds very grown up, but really I was mostly trying to convince Ian that we really needed a dog before a house/car/job.

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After the above clothing incident, we were both happy to never leave the house again. So we spent Christmas Eve in our most comfortable clothes, curled up on the sofa, whilst Ian introduced me to the world of Christmas films I never have seemed to watch. And sharing Peking Duck from the local Chinese takeout (a yearly tradition of Ian’s), before diving into the heavenliest of cheese boards.

We had a really quiet Christmas day, cooking too much food, and skyping the family, before playing a surprisingly exciting game of Trivial Pursuit. And by exciting I mean I WON.

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We then spent the rest of the week sleeping until 10am, eating plates of leftover meat and gravy at any time of the day, and squeezing in some sales shopping where I bought a candle, and super soft jumper. Before realising, again, that I am basically a twenty-six years old Grandma.

We also got a taste of home with some amazing fish and chips from The Dandelion, a British pub in Philly. They even served pints. PINTS. Which I talked about for approximately 15 minutes, and then gasped at seeing Ribena on the menu.

Eighteen months is a long time.

Surprisingly it was New Years Eve that I missed home the most. But luckily we were invited to a party, which had an open bar, and good food. So the bottomless pink sparkly cocktails helped me get over my slump.

And now we are back to normality. Ian is back at the office, and I am at here trying to make 2017 better than the year before.

Basically just being a walking New Year cliché.

What are your goals for 2017?


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