About Me

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I’m Rachel Collins.  I’m the girl behind this blog sharing my experiences of moving abroad and the ups and downs that come along the way.  After once believing I never wanted to leave my home town in the North East of England I have somehow found myself over 3,400 miles away in Philadelphia, America with nothing to do apart from dive into the culture and experience as much as humanly possible in the two years we are here.

So, how did this happen? Let me fill you in…

Three years ago I met Ian, my now fiancé (lucky guy).  One year later I moved to Leeds to live with him, fast forward 14 months or so we are sat on the sofa in our rented flat after what seemed to be a normal day at work when Ian utters the words “we need to talk” – word of advice guys if you have something exciting, amazing or even just crazy to tell your girlfriend/wife/anyone do not lead with these four words, trust me.  Anyway, after clarifying he was in fact not breaking up with me (phew), he eagerly explained how he had been offered a job that meant us both relocating across the pond to America.  So, twelve months later here I am – riding on the back of his success being introduced to the ‘American Dream’ (I’m still not sure what this means…).

After spending the first month losing myself in the joy that is the Philly cheese steak and getting to know American Netflix (5 seasons, 6 weeks.  Yep.) I created this blog as a light hearted way to share my experience of the expat life – the good and the bad, as well as talk about what’s happening in the city right now, the places you must visit…and probably cliché photos of food because WOW!

“Have a great day!”