Our Wedding Day

I’m a little bit late with this blog post I know, but it does give me an excuse to drag out this newlywed part of life a little bit longer, so please bear with me. Also, we have been watching The Crown, so that has taken priority, but I thought I best get typing before … More Our Wedding Day

The Little Things

Since moving to America, the main change I have struggled with is not being able to work. Not having the structure, discipline, direction, and routine that comes with holding down a job. As well as no longer having a title for ‘what you do’. When meeting new people, the second question I am asked (after, … More The Little Things

Happy New Year!

I have been to the gym four days in a row, I have vowed to start eating healthy whilst sneaking the last of the Christmas chocolates, and I am beginning to work through my carefully crafted to-do list, written in my fancy new bullet journal. In other words, it’s the New Year. This year we … More Happy New Year!

Six Months Later

I have been meaning to get up to date with my blog posts this year for a long time, but life got a little busy over the last six months. I got a little lazy. Summer got unbelievably hot. Trump became president. You know how it is. Since it has been SO long since I last … More Six Months Later

Snow Day

A few weeks ago news of the impending snow storm, Storm Jonas, that was due to hit the US, was all everybody was talking about.  Forget well wishing strangers a Happy New Year, it was time to fight over the last carton of milk, push in-front at the grocery store, and panic buy wellies like … More Snow Day

Our First Thanksgiving

Two weeks ago our friends, Jillian and Bruce, kindly invited us to spend our first ever Thanksgiving with them, and it was Awesome.  With a capital A. To be honest there really was no reason why we wouldn’t love it, an extra Christmas dinner one month early? Sure. It wasn’t just about the delicious food … More Our First Thanksgiving

Six Months Down

We have been in America for six months, Beyonce still hasn’t called, and I’ve gained half a stone.  What are we even doing here, really? We have been in Philadelphia for five of those months and time is flying by.  I feel like I have been a bit slower than most at settling in, making … More Six Months Down