Technically Jamaica wasn’t our official honeymoon. It was more a lets keep Rachel happy, away from the grey skies, cold mornings, and January hump she is yet to master in her twenty six years of living, type of holiday. And you’re right. I did deserve it. Our actual honeymoon will be in May, when we will … More Jamaica

Road Trip, Part Two: Utah, Arizona, and back to Vegas

This time next week I will be a freckly, glistening, sparkly mermaid on the beach of Jamaica, sipping cocktails in the sun. Just kidding. I’ll be a red, peeling, ginger monster, eating a loaf of bread, and block of cheese every day from the buffet, because it’s my honeymoon and I can do what I … More Road Trip, Part Two: Utah, Arizona, and back to Vegas

Viva Las Vegas

One of my goals for 2017 is to write more blog posts about travel, living abroad, and just general life goings on. But mainly just to write. Last year, I lost my motivation, and didn’t write anything for a long time. I procrastinated too much, and probably would have been more likely to spend four … More Viva Las Vegas

Dominican Republic

We went on holiday.  I discovered my new bikini bottoms were see through. End of story. Lets rewind back to December. It’s Christmas morning, I am sat in my brothers living room, surrounded by the delicious smell of meat slowly roasting in the oven. The whole family are together swapping presents, the men telling fart … More Dominican Republic

New York City

It’s been a while since I last posted, this was mainly down to lack of self motivation, and being able to hide behind the excuse of Christmas fast approaching. However, Christmas has been and gone and we are now one whole month into 2016. So I thought I best get back on it, and write … More New York City

Philly Favourites

Over these last two weeks Autumn seems to have made it’s first appearance in Philadelphia, greeting us with a chill in the air, crinkled brown and orange leaves at our feet, and pumpkins decorating the front stoops of houses as Halloween draws closer.  Last weekend we thought winter had arrived as temperatures suddenly dropped, causing … More Philly Favourites

Philly Favourites

Each fortnight I’m planning on sharing with you five of my favourite things in and around Philadelphia: places, shops, experiences – anything goes.  Since food is one of my favourite things, I thought I would kick it off with five of our favourite restaurants we have discovered so far. 1. Buddakan This fancy little place … More Philly Favourites

Our American Road Trip: Part 2 – Niagara Falls

Lets just get straight to the point, Niagara Falls is downright AMAZING.  If you’ve been you will know what I mean, and if you haven’t you need to go.  I would describe Niagara Falls as the most breathtaking and impressive piece of nature I have ever seen, it is somewhere I would recommend everyone to … More Our American Road Trip: Part 2 – Niagara Falls