Snow Day

A few weeks ago news of the impending snow storm, Storm Jonas, that was due to hit the US, was all everybody was talking about.  Forget well wishing strangers a Happy New Year, it was time to fight over the last carton of milk, push in-front at the grocery store, and panic buy wellies like … More Snow Day

New York City

It’s been a while since I last posted, this was mainly down to lack of self motivation, and being able to hide behind the excuse of Christmas fast approaching. However, Christmas has been and gone and we are now one whole month into 2016. So I thought I best get back on it, and write … More New York City

Philly Favourites

It is a well known stereotype that British people are obsessed with the weather, and we like to moan, so why change this after twenty five years of perfecting such a skill? Short days, cold nights, grey skies, you’ve had your fun, now go away. Please, thank you. To be honest it’s not even that … More Philly Favourites

Our First Thanksgiving

Two weeks ago our friends, Jillian and Bruce, kindly invited us to spend our first ever Thanksgiving with them, and it was Awesome.  With a capital A. To be honest there really was no reason why we wouldn’t love it, an extra Christmas dinner one month early? Sure. It wasn’t just about the delicious food … More Our First Thanksgiving

Philly Favourites

I love going out to eat.  My favourite way to spend a night is probably getting all dressed up and going to a fancy restaurant, the kind of place where you can’t actually pronounce what it is that you are eating or drinking. Where the plate is beautifully presented in front of you like a … More Philly Favourites

Six Months Down

We have been in America for six months, Beyonce still hasn’t called, and I’ve gained half a stone.  What are we even doing here, really? We have been in Philadelphia for five of those months and time is flying by.  I feel like I have been a bit slower than most at settling in, making … More Six Months Down